Why is Organic Cotton Better for the Environment?

20.04.2018 0 Posted in organic, environment, cotton By Michael Twer


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How Often Should You Replace Your Bathroom Towels?

16.04.2018 0 Posted in organic, towels, cleaning By Michael Twer

Having fresh, high-quality towels is important not only for your bathroom’s décor, but also for your personal comfort. But once you’ve been using the same towels for a while, you might start wondering when you’ll need to replace them. It’s hard to pin point the exact life span of the average bath towel. It depends on how often they are used, laundered, and dried in between uses. If you use your towels daily -- even with frequent washings -- they take a beating. They can become threadbare overtime, which means they won't be good at getting you dry as quickly, and they won’t look nearly as nice hanging on your towel rack anymore.

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